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Regulating emotion

In modern society, people always have many emotional problems because of various factors, such as being down in spirits, anxiety, neurasthenia, depression and so on. These will affect our physical and mental health to a large extent. Therefore, more and more people pay attention to the emotional health.
Hericium erinaceus, also called Lion’s mane, had some active compounds (such as hericenones) to stimulate nerve growth factor synthesis, and promote the health of brain and neve system. Kuniyoshi Shimizu¹ investigated the clinical effects of Hericium erinaceus on menopause, depression, sleep quality and indefinite complaints. 30 females were randomly assigned to either the Hericium erinaceus (HE) group or the placebo group and took HE cookies or placebo cookies for 4 weeks. The “insentive”, “palpitation”, “concentration”, “irritating” and “anxious” of the HE group tended to be lower than the placebo group. The results showed that HE intake had the possibility to reduce depression and anxiety.
Sun Ryu² evaluated whether Lion’s mane could reduce anxiety and depressive behaviors in the adult mouse and its underlying mechanisms. The results showed that anxiety and depression are related to mature nerve cells. The alcohol extract of Lion’s mane at the weight of 60mg/kg for 4 weeks can promote the growth of hippocampal nerve cells, which is conducive to anti-anxiety and anti depression. Hericium erinaceus is expected to be used in the prevention and treatment of neurodegenerative diseases, anxiety disorders and depression.
Ganoderma lucidum has been widely used to treat various diseases, including diabetes, neurasthenia and so on. Shufeng Zhou³ investigated the efficacy and safety of a polysaccharide extract of Ganoderma lucidum in Chinese patients with neurasthenia in a randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled parallel study. 132 patients with neurasthenia according to the diagnosis criteria of the 10th International Classification of Diseases were included in this study. Patients were randomized to receive Ganoderma lucidum extract or placebo orally at 1800mg three times a day for 8 weeks. Efficacy assessments comprised the Clinical Global Impression (CGI) improvement of severity scale and the Visual Analogues Scales for the sense of fatigue and well-being. The results indicated that Ganoderma lucidum extract was significantly superior to placebo with respect to the clinical improvement of symptoms in neurasthenia.
Qingyuan Zhang⁴ used Ganoderma lucidum wall broken spore powder to treat the breast cancer patients and found that the anxiety, depression and quality of life of the patients were greatly improved after taking the Ganoderma lucidum wall broken spore powder.
Guangqiao Zeng ⁵ investigated the efficacy of sporoderm-broken Ganoderma spores in treatment of male climacteric syndrome. 138 male patients with male climacteric syndrome were randomized to received sporoderm-broken Ganoderma spore capsules (n=80) and observed for changes in symptoms, serum testosterone, SOD, MDA and depression scores as compared with 58 controls on placebo. The results showed that sporoderm-broken Ganoderma spore was effective and safe for treatment of male climacteric syndrome. Scores of depressions were also improved after treatment.
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